Spider001 Spider Says

"Do you want to know what I look like? Normal. Average. Forgettable.
Not exactly the most attractive sounding characteristics I agree, but it makes it a lot easier to do my job! I'm just under six feet tall, have an average build, brown hair that's not too short, blue eyes, size ten feet. I'm fit, but not bulky and I don't have any tattoos. I tend to dress in ordinary, average, forgettable clothing and drive an ordinary looking car."

"I've got an eidetic, or photographic memory. It comes in handy in this line of work! Why don't you do this test to see whether you have a photographic memory!"

Hot Blood Finally working for the Serious Organised Crime Agency, we see Spider travelling to Baghdad to rescue the man that saved his life back in Afghanistan. When Spider was shot, it was Geordie that kept him alive and now in Hot Blood, Spider has to return the favour. Spider still has to work though and angers his boss Charlotte Button, when he puts his case on hold to help his friend.

Dead Men Dead Men takes Spider to Northern Ireland to investigate the murders of some IRA killers in order to protect the rest of the gang. This is the only time we get see Spider investigate a female target and he has to get close to her to find out the truth. We also get to see Charlotte Button 'working' undercover - an eye opener for Spider, as he tends to forget that she's dyed-in-wool MI5.

Live Fire In Live Fire, Spider travels to Pattaya in Thailand to infiltrate a gang of armed robbers. He must allow himself to take a beating in order to be trusted by the Moore brothers and then try to weedle information from them about a forthcoming job. In the process, Spider learns about a possible terrorist threat and seems to be the only one that cares about stopping it.

Rough Justice Spider always finds it awkward when having to investigate "his own", but in Rough Justice, he's given no other choice when an elite group of cops decide to take the law into their own hands. Trouble is, they're getting great results and Spider is hard pushed to call them up for it. Then things take a turn for the worse when Spider finds a "happy-slapping" video on his son's phone and the culprit's father isn't best pleased with Spider's actions.